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Kushinagar Tours

Mahaparinirvana TempleKushinagar is 51 km from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. Kushinagar is significant because it is the place where Buddha attained the state of Mahaparinirvana or Permanent Bliss at the age of 80. The pilgrims as well as the tourists from all over the world visit Kushinagar for its historical significance. Three great Chinese scholars Fa-Hien, Hiuen Tsang and I-Tsing, who traveled to India, also visited Kushinagar. Kushinagar Tours

On Kushinagar Tours, you can visit the following places:

Mahaparinirvana Temple
Mahaparinirvana Temple lies behind the Nirvana Stupa on the same plinth level behind it. The temple is famous for an impressive reclining Nirvana statue of Lord Buddha, which is 6.10 m long. The statue is made of a single piece of a red sand stone. The statue represents the "Mahaparinirvana" with Buddha reclining on his right side and his face towards the west. The statue is placed on a large brick-platform with stone-posts at the corners. According to an inscription on the statue dated back to the 5th century AD, Mahavihara Swami Haribala presented it. - Kushinagar Tours

Nirvana Chaitya
Carlleyle excavated Nirvana Chaitya in 1876 AD, located just behind the Mahaparinirvana Temple. A copperplate was found in the excavation, which contained the text of the "Nidana-Sutra". It says that Haribala, who has also installed the great Nirvana Statue of Buddha in the temple, deposited the plate in the Nirvana-Chaitya. A copper vessel was also found, which contained silver coins of Kumargupta, the Gupta emperor during the 5th century A.D.

Ramabhar Stupa
Ramabhar Stupa is also known as the Mukutbandhan-Chaitya. Located 1.5 km from the Mahaparinirvana Temple, is the cremation place of Buddha. The colossal stupa has a circular drum measuring 34.14 m in diameter at the top and 47.24 m at the base. - Kushinagar Tours

Matha Kuar Shrine
Matha Kuar Shrine is a huge statue of Lord Buddha carved out of one single block of stone. The statue represents Buddha as seated under the "Bodhi Tree" and touching the ground with his right hand known as the "Bhumi Sparsh Mudra". The inscription at the base of statue can be dated back between the 10th and 11th century AD.

The other places of significance on Kushinagar Tours are the Meditation Park, Indo-Japan-Sri Lanka Temple, Wai Thai Temple and a Museum. There are several other noteworthy structures in and around Kushinagar worth visiting.

How to Reach

The nearest airport is at Varanasi, 276 km from Kushinagar. Kushinagar can be reached via Gorakhpur, which is well connected by rail and road network with important cities of India. There are frequent bus and taxi services for Kushinagar from Gorakhpur, Lumbini, Kapilavastu, Sravasti and Sarnath. Buddhist Tours India offers Buddhist tour booking and Buddhist tour packages for India. To book a tour or for more information, please fill up the form below.