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Four Sacred Buddhist Sites in India

Maha Bodhi Temple  in  BodhGaya Buddhism in India originated with the birth and life of Gautam Buddha. The places related with Lord Buddha and his activities have been the major pilgrimage appeals for global visitors. Meanwhile, the earliest centers of Buddhist pilgrimages were the spots connected with the Life and Teachings of the great Master.

Names of four sacred Buddhist Sites:

These four sacred Buddhist sites are Lumbini, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath and Kusinara. Lumbini is the generously visited divine place, located in Nepal better known as the Mecca of every Buddhist. The other three sites are the decisive charm of India. Bodh Gaya, celebrated place significant for the pipal or Bo tree under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment after practicing meditation for several years. Bodh Gaya (Bihar) is a busy centre of pilgrimage packed with monasteries and meditation centers governed by Thai, Tibetan, Burmese and Vietnamese communities. Sarnath positioned north to Varanasi is the site of Buddha's first discourse and comprising of many impressive Buddhist monuments in India. Kushinagar, the principal centers of Buddhist pilgrimage is renowned as the place of Mahaparinirvana. The monument of Kushinagar is sited in three distinct encompasses in the main site of the Nirvana Temple. It is an extremely visited pilgrimage destination for dwelling of a long statue of reclining Buddha over 6 meters.