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Hajipur Tours

ashoka stupa vaishali hajipur

Hajipur or Ukkacala of ancient times is a small village at a distance of 10 km from Patna. The tour of Hajipur is significant because Buddha gave one discourse at this place and some of the Ananda's ashes were kept here.

During ancient times, the first village to come after crossing the River Ganga at Patna was Ukkacala, now known as Hajipur. The Buddha has preached just one discourse, the Cula Goplalaka Sutta, at this place. It can be found in The Middle Length Discourses.

Ananda was the closest disciple and personnel attendant of Buddha. He decided to head towards north from Rajgir when he realized that his life was drawing to a close. King Ajatashatru came to know about it went after him with all his entourage. He wanted to beg him to stay. In the meantime, the people of Vaishali came to the banks of the River Ganga to welcome Ananda when they heard that he was coming to their territory.

The saint was already in the middle of the river, when Ajatashatru caught up with him. The people on both the banks pleaded with him to come over to their side. In order to avoid disappointment and possible conflict, Ananda rose into the air and disappeared into a ball of flames. The ashes fell on both the sides of the river, where stupas were built later over each of the portion. The stupa on the south bank of the Ganga was washed away long ago by the changing course of the river. The stupa on the northern bank is now a grassy mound over which a Hindu temple has been built in the western outskirts of Hajipur. The temple over the stupa is called Ramchaura Mandir. Hajipur is recommended for people on tour of Buddhist Sites in Bihar.

How to Reach

Hajipur can be reached from Patna, which is 10 km across the River Ganga. The nearest airport is at Patna while the railway station is at Hajipur. There are frequent bus and taxi services from Patna for Hajipur.

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