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Don Tours

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Buddhist Tours India offers tours to Don, a Buddhist site in Bihar in North India. According to legend, after Lord Buddha's mortal remains were cremated, eight of his disciples argued about how to divide his ashes. A Brahmin named Dona was asked to carry out the task of dividing the ashes between them. They are so satisfied by his equitable distribution of the ashes and the resolution of their argument that they gave him the vessel in which the ashes had been stored. Dona decided to build a stupa to enshrine this holy vessel.

Dona's stupa is a lesser-known but popular Buddhist pilgrimage site, despite its isolated location. The Buddhist traveler Hiuen Tsang mentions a visit to Don in his account of his travels in India. He describes the stupa as being in ruins. The account of Dona's distribution of Buddha's ashes and being given the vessel is a mentioned in the end of the Mahaparinibbana Sutta, which is described in Maurice Walsh's The Long Discourses. Presently Dona's stupa is a grassy hill and has a Hindu temple built over it, where a beautiful statue of Tara is worshipped as a Hindu goddess. This statue was carved in the 9th century. A.D. Tourists on a Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour are sure to appreciate the historic sight of the stupa at Don.

How to Reach

Don can be reached from Patna to Siwan via Chhapra. A day trip from Kusinagar via Gopalganj can also be arranged.

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