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Theravada Buddhism

Theravada Buddhism

Theravada claims itself to be the oldest and original form of Buddha’s teaching in the entire sphere. Theravada or the way of the elders is principal form of Buddhism in Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka. It emphasizes on salvation of every individual than collective enlightenment; thus it is sometimes referred to as the Hinayana ("Lesser Vehicle"). Theravada Buddhism particularly dominates the customs of Sri Lanka, and is also very prominent in Thailand and Burma. Today, more than 100 million Theravada Buddhist people have systematically scattered in worldwide. Thus in recent decades, Theravada has started to take root in the West and in the Buddhist restoration in India.

Theravada, one of the significant schools of Buddhism (pronounced as “terra-VAH-dah"), draws its scriptural inspiration from the Tipitaka, or Pali canon, whose scholars encompasses the earliest surviving record of the Buddha wisdom. Theravada has been the ultimate religion of continental Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar/Burma, Cambodia, and Laos) and Sri Lanka, for several centuries.

The basic doctrine of Theravada Buddhism:
The basic dogma of Theravada Buddhism preaches the same teachings of Buddha. Based on the Four Noble Truths, Theravada Buddhism ushers millions of worldwide Buddhists into its vicinity. This particular school of Buddhism preaches that the physical reality is a chain of causation; that creates the sequence of birth and rebirth. Theravada Buddhism is mainly focused on meditation and concentration, the eighth of the Eightfold Noble Path and to achieve the ultimate salvation. As a result, it emphasizes on a monastic life removed from the din and bustles of society and needs meditating time.