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Buddhist Monastery in China

Buddhist Monastery in China

Buddhism has occupied a dominant role in inspiring the aesthetics, politics, literature, philosophy and medicine of Chinese people and thus to mould the mindset of the people.  Buddhism, the ultimate religion of China was introduced in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 - 220) via the South China Sea and Western Region. Futu, Lanruo, Chanlin, Daochang, Jialan and Zhaoti are a plethora of Buddhist temples where to worship Gigantic Buddha statue and bones of Buddha's relics. Chinese Buddhist monasteries and temples reveal an atmosphere closer to worldly life. Fashioned after the imperial palaces, the Chinese Buddhist monastery or temple bears very little resemblance to the temples in India or other Buddhist countries. The monasteries of Buddha’s, normally faces south like other Chinese structures. Festooned with three groups of buildings the monasteries are separated by courtyards.

Chinese Buddhism: Traditional Chinese: simplified Chinese; Pinyin: fojiao are the names of various schools of Buddhism flourished in all the nooks and corners of China. There to generate the ideas of Confucianism, Taoism and other indigenous philosophical procedures. These integrated schools were primarily a foreign religion (the buddhadharma) which later came to be a natural part of Chinese civilization, albeit with a specific feature.

Buddhist Temples & Monasteries in China
Tanzhe Temple, Lama Temple and Guanghua Temple are the names of some famous Buddhist temples of China. Tanzhe temple is significantly known as old, infact even older than the city of Beijing itself. The Guanghua temple was built in 558 and initially known as Jinxian Court, also an old construction. The Lama temple is in comparison is a pretty recent structure frequently visited by Buddhist Pilgrims. So don’t miss to explore these monasteries and temples on your trip of China to grasp a complete view over Buddhism in China.