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Buddhism Monastery in Thailand

Buddhist Monasteries in Thailand

Buddhism in Thailand is an enormous institution within itself; nearly 95% of Thailand's population is Buddhist. Characterized by tall golden stupas, the Buddhist architecture of Thailand the Buddhist monasteries in Thailand are its ultimate attractions. Similar to the other Southeast Asian countries, Buddhism in Thailand is manly compared with Cambodia and Laos Thailand Buddhist Temples. Buddhism in Thailand has integrated with folk beliefs as the ancestors worship the Chinese religions from this vast Thai-Chinese population.

Buddhism in Thailand:
Buddism in Thailand can widely be categorized into two sects of Buddhist monks. These are significantly been uttered as the orange robed (Mahanikai) and the stricter, more academic red-brown robed (Thammayut) who can eat only one meal a day (before noon). Deeply dominated by Buddhism, the Thai people are highly religious. Buddhist history and philosophy, the paths to enlightenment and the ways of meditation is the utmost mantras of Buddhism in Thailand. Buddhism in Thailand broadly depends on the belief that ‘existence is suffering; suffering is caused by desire’, so the elimination of desire leads to a state of perfect non suffering and non existence called nibbana (nirvana).

Buddhism Temples or Monasteries in Thailand:
40,717 Buddhist temples (wat)) has festooned the arena of Thailand, recorded in 31 December 2004. According to the Office of National Buddhism there remain 33,902 temples which are currently in use. Out of the 33,902 active temples, 31,890 located in the Maha Nikaya and 1,987 in the Dhammayuttika Nikaya orders of the Theravada school.